Words to a friend

I really didn’t expect you to be such a heavy person. In my impression, you should be a pure person, but your talk, but I changed my opinion.

In fact, some people and some things in life are always bad, this is an indisputable fact, if this and depression and unhappiness, that can be the head of the time? It’s always good to be indifferent, at least not always put yourself in the corner where you shouldn’t be. In everyone’s surroundings, including you and me, there are always all kinds of human beings, they are good or bad or good or evil, this is something they – you and I can not change. At our age, I’m afraid the only thing we have to do is to “keep to ourselves”! The “molestation” of things around leave it alone ……

You are very noble, which is common knowledge of your friends, but some people who are not open-minded may not understand this, different human nature, resulting in different views, perhaps what you despise, others will appreciate, perhaps others spit on, you will agree ……

I suddenly thought of a little story: a group of porcupines huddled together for warmth on a cold winter day, but their respective stings forced them to part at once. Even so, the instinct to keep out the cold made them try to huddle together again and again, and so on, they finally found the best distance between them – to get the maximum warmth with the lightest sting!

Rambling far away, but I have to add: close may not be friends, distant may not be friends! The real friend lies in your heart of that feeling!

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