The happiness of the frog at the bottom of the well

A frog, which owns a well.

When it is happy, it jumps into the water, and the water holds its two gills. When it gets under the water, the mud massages its feet.

In the evening, they jump up and sit quietly by the well to watch the moonlight. In the morning, I go outside the well and take a leisurely walk around the grass.

On weekdays, he likes to go to the well to watch the tadpoles and crabs playing in the water and chatting with them.

But it is not happy because it is often ridiculed as the frog at the bottom of the well.

One day it met a thousand-year-old spirit turtle, who told it how big the East Sea is and how the fish swim happily in the East Sea.

The frog decided to leave its one well and go to the East China Sea.

It passes through plains, through deep ravines, climbs over mountains, and passes through swamps.

Thorny thorns pierce its body, sharp stones scratch its palms, the hot sun burns its skin, and when hungry it has to eat grass roots to feed its hunger.

Sun, sun, rain, spring, summer, autumn and winter. Around a great sea, across a lake,.

He jumped into the sea with a leap of faith, but the salt of the sea hurt him.

The fish told it that the frog could not live in the sea, it should go to the lake.

The frog continues its journey with a bit of frustration, it climbs over rocks and walks across deserts, the heat dries it out, the dry air suffocates it, and it continues to eat grass roots for a living.

After encountering storms and droughts, passing through a river and crossing a ditch, we finally arrived at West Lake.

He jumped into the lake with a leap of faith and kept swimming forward, swimming forward, and playing forward until he was exhausted.

It wanted to find a place to rest, but there was only one reed in the lake, and the shore was not visible all around.

It clung to the reeds wearily, with a bit of frustration, and saw the Spiritual Turtle again. Surprised, the frog asked the Spiritual Turtle why it was not in the East Sea.

Spiritual turtle informed the present frog, although the East Sea is big, but robbery is not for it, although the West Lake is small, but it robbery happy in it.

It is already close friends with the fish here and cherishes what it has so far.

The frog seems to understand, swim back to shore, continue the journey.

It passed by the flat and ran into the little insects living happily inside the tiny holes and chatted with it.

It crossed the creek and came across small fish happily weaving in and out of the narrow rocky crevices and chatting with it.

He walked through the field and came across a small vole swimming happily in its burrow and chatting with it.

In the spring it enjoys the fragrance of flowers in the meadow in a clear and relaxed manner.

In summer it is in the stream to feel the coolness of the heart.

In the autumn it watches the silence of the earth from the fields.

In winter it admires the pallor of the snow in the sun.

After a period of spring and autumn, the frog finally returns to its well.

It jumped in with a leap of faith. (So happy!!!)

Sitting contentedly in the well, looking at the azure sky.

It turns out that happiness is always around.

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