Heart for the disaster area

After the earthquake in Wenchuan, Sichuan, we gave our small contribution in the last month when we were about to leave the university.

Xin Chao, Zeng Zhusong, Cao Dongzhi, Cheng Hengfeng, Cui Shaohua, Peng Ying, Liu Li, Liu Hui, Liu Pengfei, Hong Quan, Wang Qi, Chen Zhou, Xiang Zhihua, etc. gave a little bit of their hearts for the disaster area, although the money is less than a hundred yuan, but the heart of the disaster area is hot.

As Premier Wen said: a big thing, divided by 1.3 billion, becomes an insignificant little thing; a small thing, multiplied by 1.3 billion, becomes a big thing. The community is helping a big thing with the little things they do!

I believe: a kind heart will always jump in our heart!

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