Heart for the disaster area

After the earthquake in Wenchuan, Sichuan, we gave our small contribution in the last month when we were about to leave the university.

Xin Chao, Zeng Zhusong, Cao Dongzhi, Cheng Hengfeng, Cui Shaohua, Peng Ying, Liu Li, Liu Hui, Liu Pengfei, Hong Quan, Wang Qi, Chen Zhou, Xiang Zhihua, etc. gave a little bit of their hearts for the disaster area, although the money is less than a hundred yuan, but the heart of the disaster area is hot.

As Premier Wen said: a big thing, divided by 1.3 billion, becomes an insignificant little thing; a small thing, multiplied by 1.3 billion, becomes a big thing. The community is helping a big thing with the little things they do!

I believe: a kind heart will always jump in our heart!

PHPMyAdmin installation and configuration

1、Unzip the “PHPMyAdmin V2.10.0” installation package directly to the web directory.

2、Copy the “config.default.php” file in the “PHPMyAdmin\libraries” directory under the web directory to the “PHPMyAdmin” directory under the web directory. PHPMyAdmin” directory, and rename it to “config.inc.php”, then open it with notepad to edit it.

3, find the string “$cfg[‘blowfish_secret’]”, this variable sets the cookie encryption key, just lose a few characters.

4. Find the string “$cfg[‘Servers’][$i][‘host’]” and set its value to “localhost”.

5、Find the string “$cfg[‘Servers’][$i][‘auth_type’]”, its value is “config” by default, which is generally used for local debugging and has certain security risks, it is recommended to set its value to “cookie”.

6. Find the string “$cfg[‘Servers’][$i][‘password’]” and set its value to the MySQL system “root” user password “root”.

7、Find the string “$cfg[‘DefaultLang’]” and set its value to “zh-gb2312”.

8、Find the string “$cfg[‘DefaultCharset’]” and set its value to “gb2312”.

9, Finally, save the file to exit, PHPMyAdmin has been installed and configured so far.

The happiness of the frog at the bottom of the well

A frog, which owns a well.

When it is happy, it jumps into the water, and the water holds its two gills. When it gets under the water, the mud massages its feet.

In the evening, they jump up and sit quietly by the well to watch the moonlight. In the morning, I go outside the well and take a leisurely walk around the grass.

On weekdays, he likes to go to the well to watch the tadpoles and crabs playing in the water and chatting with them.

But it is not happy because it is often ridiculed as the frog at the bottom of the well.

One day it met a thousand-year-old spirit turtle, who told it how big the East Sea is and how the fish swim happily in the East Sea.

The frog decided to leave its one well and go to the East China Sea.

It passes through plains, through deep ravines, climbs over mountains, and passes through swamps.

Thorny thorns pierce its body, sharp stones scratch its palms, the hot sun burns its skin, and when hungry it has to eat grass roots to feed its hunger.

Sun, sun, rain, spring, summer, autumn and winter. Around a great sea, across a lake,.

He jumped into the sea with a leap of faith, but the salt of the sea hurt him.

The fish told it that the frog could not live in the sea, it should go to the lake.

The frog continues its journey with a bit of frustration, it climbs over rocks and walks across deserts, the heat dries it out, the dry air suffocates it, and it continues to eat grass roots for a living.

After encountering storms and droughts, passing through a river and crossing a ditch, we finally arrived at West Lake.

He jumped into the lake with a leap of faith and kept swimming forward, swimming forward, and playing forward until he was exhausted.

It wanted to find a place to rest, but there was only one reed in the lake, and the shore was not visible all around.

It clung to the reeds wearily, with a bit of frustration, and saw the Spiritual Turtle again. Surprised, the frog asked the Spiritual Turtle why it was not in the East Sea.

Spiritual turtle informed the present frog, although the East Sea is big, but robbery is not for it, although the West Lake is small, but it robbery happy in it.

It is already close friends with the fish here and cherishes what it has so far.

The frog seems to understand, swim back to shore, continue the journey.

It passed by the flat and ran into the little insects living happily inside the tiny holes and chatted with it.

It crossed the creek and came across small fish happily weaving in and out of the narrow rocky crevices and chatting with it.

He walked through the field and came across a small vole swimming happily in its burrow and chatting with it.

In the spring it enjoys the fragrance of flowers in the meadow in a clear and relaxed manner.

In summer it is in the stream to feel the coolness of the heart.

In the autumn it watches the silence of the earth from the fields.

In winter it admires the pallor of the snow in the sun.

After a period of spring and autumn, the frog finally returns to its well.

It jumped in with a leap of faith. (So happy!!!)

Sitting contentedly in the well, looking at the azure sky.

It turns out that happiness is always around.

And a dream of current life

The “sexy photo door”, which should have been closed a long time ago, but in some people’s curiosity, there are signs of intensifying. A door, open, some people see is obscene, some see is bad, some see is youth, some see is high clean. Some people hate it, and even hate it to the bone, and some people love it, and even love it like crazy. I often hear that “the eyes are the windows to the soul”, I wonder what you see in front of your own window?

At first, seeing these, I also feel surprised, after all, these protagonists are often in front of our eyes stars, these people show in people are mostly well-dressed, fragrant ring around, as if, they are out of the sky, is not eaten by the world. But this time, they will show another side of themselves, but did not know that a pool of spring water was so stirred up a big wave.

In the past, also had a star, but I am absolutely sensible, I will not for him (her) they scrimp and save, will not for them to think about, I think like youthful bright is everyone’s preference, not to mention that some stars struggling history can indeed warn the world: want to succeed, we have to pay a firm belief, eat the bitterness, only for the people. I will listen to their songs, and I will sing along with the song imagining their past, the emotions will also shed tears; I will watch their movies, with the joy and sorrow of the characters in the drama, they will also be immersed in it, completely out of control, which is not their own control; I will also watch entertainment news, pay attention to the movement of the stars, it seems that their running is also connected to my nerves.

Everyone has a youth, who have some loneliness difficult to solve, who have no way to tell the heart of the suffering, who have so much helplessness and helplessness.

I don’t know what kind of intentions are in the minds of those who catch others’ mistakes, don’t you miss them? I don’t know what kind of answer you want from the media, or is it driven by profit and directed by theft of the heart? I do not know those so-called moralists, full of benevolence and morality, but I do not know, before a set of people, but behind the scenes do not know how to do the deed? Everyone has their own code of action, everyone has their own way of behaving, if all the same, if neat and tidy, or it does not reflect your noble.

It is often said: men are not bad, women do not love. If according to such standards, Guanxi get women’s love, it is only right. A solid family background, star aura, handsome appearance, and a bad smile, such a person may be a woman’s heart Prince Charming. Otherwise, such as Cecilia, such as Xin Tong and other female stars, what kind of men have not seen, why would prefer to Guanxi? As the saying goes: flies do not bite seamless eggs. Even if the crown is bad again, if those actresses are respectful and far away, I’m afraid there will not be so overwhelming media tracking, there will not be all kinds of associations, all kinds of speculation occurred.

Some people once said that in this incident, the most hurt is Nicholas Tse, I do not necessarily see, after experiencing such things, I think, the harm suffered by the crown may be no one understands. The previous brothers, now become enemies, the previous scenery, now become a cloud of smoke, the previous those flirtatious past, perhaps now become a tear of remorse. No matter how bumpy the road ahead, no matter how fearful people are, I think the bearer of the bearer, the closing of the closing, a matter that can not become a permanent serial, a person, not all of our lives. If a tolerant heart, with an attitude of forgiveness, can not turn hatred into tolerance, hostility into peace?

Should not be in the youth, take some detours, but already so, only to change, should not be sprinkled with salt on the wounds of others, but already sprinkled, it is time to examine themselves, the next not be an example.

When I open the computer again, again see the web page, I really do not know, in front of the computer screen of the face, will have what kind of hideous state; when I write such words, I even imagine that the people who see, will put forward what kind of attack on my speech, how the verdict, I feel indifferent, I just with an undying heart, a generous heart, a tolerant heart, write my own heart what I think.

Today is April Fool’s Day, if these things happen in April Fool’s Day how good, just as a joke, just as a joke, past, nothing has left, between people, still like this beautiful spring, with the gentle rain, wind harmony, with the sun’s bright, and the news of flowing water.

And the current dream of a life, after waking up, no more sex, no more wine into the sadness.

[Author: Xiaoyu Xiang

WindowsXP System Security Tips Book

In this article, we will discuss how to improve the security of Windows XP operating system, further improve the security of users using Windows XP operating system, as well as some things that should be noted in the usual maintenance, and hope that it can be of some help to the majority of Windows XP users.

1. Install the security policy

(1) Do not choose to install from the network Although Microsoft supports online installation, it is definitely not safe. Do not connect to the network, especially the Internet, until the system is fully installed, and do not even connect all the hardware before installing. Because when Windows XP is installed, after entering the password for the user administrator account “Administrator”, the system will create an “ADMIN” shared account, but it is not protected with the password you just entered. This situation will continue until the computer starts up again. During this period, anyone can enter the system through “ADMIN”; at the same time, the installation is completed and various services will run automatically right away, while the server is still full of vulnerabilities and is very easy to hack from outside.

(2) To choose NTFS format for partitioning it is better to have all partitions in NTFS format, because NTFS format partitions are more secure in terms of security. Even if other partitions are in another format (e.g. FAT32), at least the system should be in NTFS format in the partition where it is located. In addition, applications should not be placed in the same partition as the system, so that attackers do not exploit application vulnerabilities (such as those in Microsoft’s IIS) to cause leakage of system files or even allow intruders to remotely gain administrator privileges.

(3) The choice of system version: Windows XP is available in various languages, for us, we can choose the English or Simplified Chinese version, I strongly recommend: if the language is not a barrier, please use the English version. You should know that Microsoft products are known for Bugs&Patch, the Chinese version has far more bugs than the English version, and the patch is usually at least half a month late (that is to say, your machine will be in unprotected condition for half a month after Microsoft has announced the vulnerability).

(4) Component customization Windows XP installs some common components by default, but it is this default installation that is dangerous. You should know exactly which services you need and install only the ones you do need, according to the security principle, minimum services + minimum permissions = maximum security.

(5) Allocation of partitions and logical disks is recommended to create more than two partitions, one system partition and more than one application partition, to separate the system partition from the application partition, so as to protect the application, generally speaking, viruses or hackers using vulnerability attacks, damage is the system partition, but not the application partition damage.

2.Account security policy

(1) User security settings check user accounts, stop unwanted accounts, and recommend changing the default account name.

1) Disable the Guest account in Computer Management. To be on the safe side, it is better to add a complex password to Guest.

2) Restrict unnecessary users Remove all Duplicate User users, test users, shared users, etc. Set the user group policy with appropriate permissions, and check the system users frequently to remove the users that are no longer used.

3) Create two administrator accounts to create a user with general privileges to receive mail and handle some daily things, and another user with Administrator privileges to be used only when needed.

4) Change the name of the system Administrator account The Administrator user of Windows XP cannot be deactivated, which means others can try this user’s password over and over again. Try to disguise it as a normal user, for example, change it to Guesycludx.

5) Create a trap user create a local user named “Administrator”, set its privileges to the lowest, can not do anything kind of, and add a super complex password of more than 10 digits.

6) Change the permissions of shared files from the Everyone group to Authorized Users Do not set the users of shared files to the “Everyone” group, including print shares, the default attribute is the “Everyone” group.

7), do not let the system display the last login user name Open the registry editor and find the registry entry HKLMSoftwaremicrosoftWindowsTCurrentVersionWinlogonDont-DisplayLastUserName, change the key value to 1.

8), System account/share list The default installation of Windows XP allows any user to get the system all account/share list through empty user, this was intended to facilitate LAN users to share files, but a remote user can also get your user list and use brute force method to crack the user password. You can disable 139 empty connections by changing the registry Local_MachineSystemCurrentControlSetControlLSA-RestrictAnonymous = 1. You can also disable 139 empty connections by changing the registry Local_MachineSystemCurrentControlSetControlLSA-RestrictAnonymous = 1. Security Policy) there is such an option RestrictAnonymous (additional restrictions on anonymous connections).

3. Application security policy

(1) Install antivirus software antivirus software can not only kill some famous viruses, but also check and kill a large number of Trojan horses and backdoor programs, so pay attention to often run the program and upgrade the virus database.

(2) Install a firewall to listen to the attacks taken by the outside world on this machine and alert the user to take preventive measures as early as possible.

(3) Install system patches to the Microsoft website to download the latest patches: frequent visits to Microsoft and some security sites to download the latest Service Pack and vulnerability patches is the only way to ensure the long-term security of the server.

(4) Stop unnecessary services Too much service is not a good thing, turn off all unnecessary services! The more service components are installed, the more service functions users can enjoy. But users usually use to the service components are limited, and those rarely used components in addition to taking up a lot of system resources, will cause system instability, but also for the hacker’s remote invasion provides a variety of ways.

To do this, we should try to block those service components that are not needed at the moment. The specific method of operation is: First of all, find the “Administrative Tools”/”Services” in the Control Panel, and then open the “Services” dialog box, in which the dialog box to block the In the dialog box, select the program that needs to be blocked, and click the right mouse button, from the pop-up shortcut menu, select the “Properties”/”Stop” command, and set the “Startup Type” to “This will allow you to block the specified service component.

4.Network Security Policy

(1) Close unnecessary ports

Closing ports means less functionality and requires you to make a bit of a decision on top of security and functionality. If the server is installed behind a firewall, there will be less risk. However, never assume that you can rest easy. Use a port scanner to scan your system for open ports to determine which services are open on your system that could cause a hack. There is a cross-reference table of well-known ports and services in the system32 driversetcservices file in the system directory. To do this, open “Internet Neighborhood / Properties / Local Connections / Properties / Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) / Properties / Advanced / Options / TCP/IP Filtering / Properties” and open “TCP/IP Filtering”. Add the required TCP and UDP protocols.

(2) Set up the access rights of security records

The security record is unprotected by default, set it so that only Administrators and system accounts have access to it.

(3) E-mail system using Web format

Do not practical Outlook, Fox mail and other client mail system to receive mail, now some of the mail is very harmful, once implanted in this machine, it may cause the system paralysis. At the same time, don’t check the attachments in strangers’ emails, which often have viruses and Trojan horses.

Marriage is a responsibility

The first thing you need to do is to open your computer, and then habitually open QQ.

The swallow is earlier than the work, already online. There are faster than me to open the computer at work.

QQ hanging, not chatting, busy with the work at hand.

The actual “I’m not going to be able to get a lot of money.”

Marriage? A question of responsibility!

As if graduation, work, it should be taken for granted to prepare for marriage.

I think it should be the same, but I have not thought when I will get married, maybe next year, maybe 3 years, 5 years or more.

In my spare time, and college classmates when talking about the sky, but also had the courage to say, I will be married on August 08, 2008! Think about how auspicious this is a number ah, a hundred years rare ah! Sometimes there is really a feeling of heartwarming! But what I regret is: I have not found the marriage pair! Is this the ideal and reality of sadness?

A smile is just a momentary stay, but the beauty is long! Just as there is a play about marriage, although it is a momentary joke, but it carries the responsibility of a lifetime!

Once high school classmates, I am aware of, such as Li Fang, to the small Shouyu has been married, and now they are living a sweet life of two, one of them has been a mother! The responsibility has been shaped in their heads.

There may be a difference between men’s and women’s views on marriage. A woman’s view of marriage may be kind of idealistic, a man’s view of marriage is realistic. Women can snuggle with men when they get married, but what do men snuggle with when they get married? The question that men should think about!

In the absence of a suitable object, no suitable time, no suitable basis, no adequate mental preparation, I do not say lightly married!

Marriage is a lifelong commitment, is a lifelong responsibility, to their own wife to their children to both parents is a responsibility!

Marriage is beautiful, responsibility is greater!

May all married people have a beautiful, responsible family!

The age in our hands

At this time yesterday, I was still catching up on my homework under the lights. At that time there was nothing to what I could do besides completing the task. When I was in high school, I always felt like I was in a classroom, so I longed for the life of a university. Now I am to the university, can be considered a good university, but I think it is still not good, not feel in the squatting room, but like in the dispatch, dispatched to a place where no one asked. There is nothing to do, wandering all day, degenerate and dying, even the soul can not find. One of the most popular words in the Big Three is: depression! I carefully pondered for three days and nights, this word does have its connotation, the reason for almost everything can be explained by it. At this point I also really want to say: depressed! But I held back and didn’t say it. Look at the situation around me: the teacher on the podium is eloquent, and the lecturer off the podium is drowsy. This is a very serious disease, it seems to be more contagious than SARS, because I also infected, and not lightly ill. A sleep will be everlasting and immortal. I began to wonder if I am a pig. I asked my mom, my mom looked at me flabbergasted for half a day before saying, “You want to be a pig, why did not you tell me earlier?”

I always want to do something for myself, I can’t do the big things, except for the Internet to do “web development” or something, I will not do the same. This is what I suddenly thought of when I was surfing the Internet. When I got off the plane and swiped my credit card, I watched the money dwindle as fast as if the Columbia had crashed and fallen, and my heart was bleeding. “No more internet!” I finally knew what I had to do, and this was the only thing I was going to do. It’s better to keep the money for a relationship, and even if it doesn’t work out, at least there’s a sweet memory. Some people don’t believe me and say that I’m addicted to the Internet and that I can only quit if I go to rehab! Holy crap, they underestimate me too. But I can’t bear to be silent and hidden, I still want to leave myself a little something worth remembering. So I built two groups, one is my high school class built, and the other is for my gang even dead to stick together buddies built, even though there are not a few, this is my only contribution before the decision – look at yourself, I think it’s great, just like the river warriors to retreat from the general. I do not want to know how long these two groups can support, can support a moment is a moment, I also care about it later? Now I can finally look up to the sky long laugh – ha ha –
I’m not sure why it’s popular in the big three to say that the beauty of the management, the handsome civil engineering, electrical hooligans. This is the biggest disrespect to us! I still have a vivid memory is in the bleachers of the sports field, a girl openly said to me: “Look at you sharp-tongued, swarthy, at a glance is …… is the electrical ……” still count her have The mouth virtue, did not say I am a hooligan. Perhaps as someone said: big difficulties to achieve big business. The experience is also a kind of humiliating big difficulties, especially for a man of good moral character like me! And the achievement? No other, I feel that my cheek has thickened a lot. Seeing a beautiful woman will go up to talk, see a handsome man will avoid cursing. I feel very pleased, like the feeling after winning a battle. Thankfully: I do not have a girlfriend, otherwise I really do not know how to coax her to believe that I am not a hooligan. I have observed that there is no one lady in the big three, all as fierce tigers down the mountain, I do not even dare to shoot the horse’s ass, for fear of accidentally being eaten by the tiger. In addition there are three major benefits of not having a girlfriend: not to be a punching bag, not to be a porter, not to worry about money. Who cares if I am a student or a hooligan, even I dare to say in front of girls: “I am a hooligan who I am afraid of!” It is as if this is a sense of accomplishment for college students. I am such a person.

I think we live a pretty empty life. There is nothing to do all day, except for talking about beautiful women in the dormitory, talking about good food in the classroom, talking about “money” in the toilet, talking about games in the Internet cafe, I really can’t find anything good to do. There is a saying: do not use a radical vision to see the problem, but to use a constructive vision to see the problem, I think the actual, for us, only possible to use a constructive vision to see, if a little bit of radical words, I dare say, we will die without a body! Who asked us to be so wild? In fact, we are also very cute. Just no girls to love the reason. If one day there is a chance that I will meet a girl than a lady, that is the blessing I made in my previous life. Just now I look through the sky of love only occasionally to find a small plane. Can you blame me for this? So I say we’re really fucking pathetic again. If it’s really okay, a few of my buddies hold a beer bottle, in the vast Yangtze River chanting “the dead are like the husband” and so on, even the literature students also vomit we do not understand the poem. And then a sense of accomplishment like throwing the beer bottle into the river, very heroic, heroic forget to spill the bottle also pressed the pressure of gold it, and then even more heroic – to the sky long laugh, attracting a turnaround rate of 100%, passers-by certainly think we are crazy …… only we know: we not crazy. We are still awake and alive, living a very sunny life.

Yesterday I came back very late, there was no one on the road, walking alone, then the state of mind is very quiet, quiet like a lake. But I felt as if half a century had passed, and I woke up in a dream that everything was already very far away – on the other side of the sky! Is it familiar or strange, I can’t tell myself. The neon lights in the supermarket were still flashing, but there were fewer people; the street lights were still on, but there were fewer people; people who were in a hurry were probably waiting for a beautiful dream to come. It was at this time that I discovered that everything finally has a quiet time, even if it is very short, but at least there is less noise. What have I ever said, done, loved, hated, promised, given 。。。。。。 I don’t know, I really don’t know. The days just went by, silently going by my side, and I knew nothing. I’m a bit chagrined by my actions, but there isn’t much to blame myself for, I’m still excusing myself for something, just one more reason.

I never look at myself in the mirror, but I did this morning.

I was surprised by myself:my hair is quite white. One two three …… roots can be counted. Maybe I’m really old maybe youth really doesn’t belong to us anymore maybe laughter is just yesterday maybe I’ll regret it ……

Time has taken away everything, and the only thing I can’t take away is myself …….

O the times in our hands!

Kuretsuchi’s resume

Twilight Thousand

Original name: TFT

Age: XX

Origin: Shifosi, Qiucheng, Handan County, Hebei

Major: Architecture

Recently Read: Computer Screen “Children’s Literature

Favorite Author: Li Ao

Self-perceived style: morbid, because it does not know what is normal, or there is no normal, morbid is absolute.

The old steed in the stable, the ambition is a thousand miles; martyr in the twilight, the heart is strong. Twilight, is a process. Thousand, is a scale. In the change from white to black, the barrel of the pen in your hand is the benchmark of your soul. Twilight, is a kind of death. Thousand, is a derivation. With the power of dying, one is born, one is born, two is born, three is born ……

There are four words on my computer screen, and they are: one, one, one, one, one. Write in more detail: one hand, one pair of eyes, one system, one new world. More detailed is: one hand, one eye, one system, one new world. This is the main line of my life. Eyes and hands are the most real, eyes are used to find the target, hands are used to grasp the target, with these two processes people will have completed a thing, otherwise, there is only empty, empty, empty…

“Be generous” also has this level of meaning, a little more real. Even if you have the last breath of energy left, you have to use it to reproduce. Don’t let something come to a screeching halt, just like your own footsteps to rush to class, never stop.

Words to a friend

I really didn’t expect you to be such a heavy person. In my impression, you should be a pure person, but your talk, but I changed my opinion.

In fact, some people and some things in life are always bad, this is an indisputable fact, if this and depression and unhappiness, that can be the head of the time? It’s always good to be indifferent, at least not always put yourself in the corner where you shouldn’t be. In everyone’s surroundings, including you and me, there are always all kinds of human beings, they are good or bad or good or evil, this is something they – you and I can not change. At our age, I’m afraid the only thing we have to do is to “keep to ourselves”! The “molestation” of things around leave it alone ……

You are very noble, which is common knowledge of your friends, but some people who are not open-minded may not understand this, different human nature, resulting in different views, perhaps what you despise, others will appreciate, perhaps others spit on, you will agree ……

I suddenly thought of a little story: a group of porcupines huddled together for warmth on a cold winter day, but their respective stings forced them to part at once. Even so, the instinct to keep out the cold made them try to huddle together again and again, and so on, they finally found the best distance between them – to get the maximum warmth with the lightest sting!

Rambling far away, but I have to add: close may not be friends, distant may not be friends! The real friend lies in your heart of that feeling!

The twelve most insecure common applications

The following list will let you know the most vulnerable programs among the common ones you will come across in your daily work, as rated by Bit9.

Yahoo Messenger and previous versions topped the list, QuickTime 7.2, Mozilla FireFox also topped the list, so the danger is all around us, take a look!

1. Yahoo Messenger, and earlier

2. Apple QuickTime 7.2

3. Mozilla Firefox

4. Microsoft Windows Live (MSN) Messenger 7.0, 8.0

5. EMC VMware Player (and other products) 2.0, 1.0.4

6. Apple iTunes 7.3.2

7. Intuit QuickBooks Online Edition, 9 and earlier

8. Sun Java Runtime Environment (JRE) 1.6.0_X

9. Yahoo Widgets 4.0.5 and previous

10. Ask.com Toolbar and previous

11. Broadcom wireless device driver as used in Cisco Linksys WPC300N Wireless-N Notebook Adapter

12. Macrovision (formerly InstallShield) InstallFromTheWeb, unversioned