The happiness of the frog at the bottom of the well

A frog, which owns a well.

When it is happy, it jumps into the water, and the water holds its two gills. When it gets under the water, the mud massages its feet.

In the evening, they jump up and sit quietly by the well to watch the moonlight. In the morning, I go outside the well and take a leisurely walk around the grass.

On weekdays, he likes to go to the well to watch the tadpoles and crabs playing in the water and chatting with them.

But it is not happy because it is often ridiculed as the frog at the bottom of the well.

One day it met a thousand-year-old spirit turtle, who told it how big the East Sea is and how the fish swim happily in the East Sea.

The frog decided to leave its one well and go to the East China Sea.

It passes through plains, through deep ravines, climbs over mountains, and passes through swamps.

Thorny thorns pierce its body, sharp stones scratch its palms, the hot sun burns its skin, and when hungry it has to eat grass roots to feed its hunger.

Sun, sun, rain, spring, summer, autumn and winter. Around a great sea, across a lake,.

He jumped into the sea with a leap of faith, but the salt of the sea hurt him.

The fish told it that the frog could not live in the sea, it should go to the lake.

The frog continues its journey with a bit of frustration, it climbs over rocks and walks across deserts, the heat dries it out, the dry air suffocates it, and it continues to eat grass roots for a living.

After encountering storms and droughts, passing through a river and crossing a ditch, we finally arrived at West Lake.

He jumped into the lake with a leap of faith and kept swimming forward, swimming forward, and playing forward until he was exhausted.

It wanted to find a place to rest, but there was only one reed in the lake, and the shore was not visible all around.

It clung to the reeds wearily, with a bit of frustration, and saw the Spiritual Turtle again. Surprised, the frog asked the Spiritual Turtle why it was not in the East Sea.

Spiritual turtle informed the present frog, although the East Sea is big, but robbery is not for it, although the West Lake is small, but it robbery happy in it.

It is already close friends with the fish here and cherishes what it has so far.

The frog seems to understand, swim back to shore, continue the journey.

It passed by the flat and ran into the little insects living happily inside the tiny holes and chatted with it.

It crossed the creek and came across small fish happily weaving in and out of the narrow rocky crevices and chatting with it.

He walked through the field and came across a small vole swimming happily in its burrow and chatting with it.

In the spring it enjoys the fragrance of flowers in the meadow in a clear and relaxed manner.

In summer it is in the stream to feel the coolness of the heart.

In the autumn it watches the silence of the earth from the fields.

In winter it admires the pallor of the snow in the sun.

After a period of spring and autumn, the frog finally returns to its well.

It jumped in with a leap of faith. (So happy!!!)

Sitting contentedly in the well, looking at the azure sky.

It turns out that happiness is always around.

And a dream of current life

The “sexy photo door”, which should have been closed a long time ago, but in some people’s curiosity, there are signs of intensifying. A door, open, some people see is obscene, some see is bad, some see is youth, some see is high clean. Some people hate it, and even hate it to the bone, and some people love it, and even love it like crazy. I often hear that “the eyes are the windows to the soul”, I wonder what you see in front of your own window?

At first, seeing these, I also feel surprised, after all, these protagonists are often in front of our eyes stars, these people show in people are mostly well-dressed, fragrant ring around, as if, they are out of the sky, is not eaten by the world. But this time, they will show another side of themselves, but did not know that a pool of spring water was so stirred up a big wave.

In the past, also had a star, but I am absolutely sensible, I will not for him (her) they scrimp and save, will not for them to think about, I think like youthful bright is everyone’s preference, not to mention that some stars struggling history can indeed warn the world: want to succeed, we have to pay a firm belief, eat the bitterness, only for the people. I will listen to their songs, and I will sing along with the song imagining their past, the emotions will also shed tears; I will watch their movies, with the joy and sorrow of the characters in the drama, they will also be immersed in it, completely out of control, which is not their own control; I will also watch entertainment news, pay attention to the movement of the stars, it seems that their running is also connected to my nerves.

Everyone has a youth, who have some loneliness difficult to solve, who have no way to tell the heart of the suffering, who have so much helplessness and helplessness.

I don’t know what kind of intentions are in the minds of those who catch others’ mistakes, don’t you miss them? I don’t know what kind of answer you want from the media, or is it driven by profit and directed by theft of the heart? I do not know those so-called moralists, full of benevolence and morality, but I do not know, before a set of people, but behind the scenes do not know how to do the deed? Everyone has their own code of action, everyone has their own way of behaving, if all the same, if neat and tidy, or it does not reflect your noble.

It is often said: men are not bad, women do not love. If according to such standards, Guanxi get women’s love, it is only right. A solid family background, star aura, handsome appearance, and a bad smile, such a person may be a woman’s heart Prince Charming. Otherwise, such as Cecilia, such as Xin Tong and other female stars, what kind of men have not seen, why would prefer to Guanxi? As the saying goes: flies do not bite seamless eggs. Even if the crown is bad again, if those actresses are respectful and far away, I’m afraid there will not be so overwhelming media tracking, there will not be all kinds of associations, all kinds of speculation occurred.

Some people once said that in this incident, the most hurt is Nicholas Tse, I do not necessarily see, after experiencing such things, I think, the harm suffered by the crown may be no one understands. The previous brothers, now become enemies, the previous scenery, now become a cloud of smoke, the previous those flirtatious past, perhaps now become a tear of remorse. No matter how bumpy the road ahead, no matter how fearful people are, I think the bearer of the bearer, the closing of the closing, a matter that can not become a permanent serial, a person, not all of our lives. If a tolerant heart, with an attitude of forgiveness, can not turn hatred into tolerance, hostility into peace?

Should not be in the youth, take some detours, but already so, only to change, should not be sprinkled with salt on the wounds of others, but already sprinkled, it is time to examine themselves, the next not be an example.

When I open the computer again, again see the web page, I really do not know, in front of the computer screen of the face, will have what kind of hideous state; when I write such words, I even imagine that the people who see, will put forward what kind of attack on my speech, how the verdict, I feel indifferent, I just with an undying heart, a generous heart, a tolerant heart, write my own heart what I think.

Today is April Fool’s Day, if these things happen in April Fool’s Day how good, just as a joke, just as a joke, past, nothing has left, between people, still like this beautiful spring, with the gentle rain, wind harmony, with the sun’s bright, and the news of flowing water.

And the current dream of a life, after waking up, no more sex, no more wine into the sadness.

[Author: Xiaoyu Xiang

Marriage is a responsibility

The first thing you need to do is to open your computer, and then habitually open QQ.

The swallow is earlier than the work, already online. There are faster than me to open the computer at work.

QQ hanging, not chatting, busy with the work at hand.

The actual “I’m not going to be able to get a lot of money.”

Marriage? A question of responsibility!

As if graduation, work, it should be taken for granted to prepare for marriage.

I think it should be the same, but I have not thought when I will get married, maybe next year, maybe 3 years, 5 years or more.

In my spare time, and college classmates when talking about the sky, but also had the courage to say, I will be married on August 08, 2008! Think about how auspicious this is a number ah, a hundred years rare ah! Sometimes there is really a feeling of heartwarming! But what I regret is: I have not found the marriage pair! Is this the ideal and reality of sadness?

A smile is just a momentary stay, but the beauty is long! Just as there is a play about marriage, although it is a momentary joke, but it carries the responsibility of a lifetime!

Once high school classmates, I am aware of, such as Li Fang, to the small Shouyu has been married, and now they are living a sweet life of two, one of them has been a mother! The responsibility has been shaped in their heads.

There may be a difference between men’s and women’s views on marriage. A woman’s view of marriage may be kind of idealistic, a man’s view of marriage is realistic. Women can snuggle with men when they get married, but what do men snuggle with when they get married? The question that men should think about!

In the absence of a suitable object, no suitable time, no suitable basis, no adequate mental preparation, I do not say lightly married!

Marriage is a lifelong commitment, is a lifelong responsibility, to their own wife to their children to both parents is a responsibility!

Marriage is beautiful, responsibility is greater!

May all married people have a beautiful, responsible family!

Words to a friend

I really didn’t expect you to be such a heavy person. In my impression, you should be a pure person, but your talk, but I changed my opinion.

In fact, some people and some things in life are always bad, this is an indisputable fact, if this and depression and unhappiness, that can be the head of the time? It’s always good to be indifferent, at least not always put yourself in the corner where you shouldn’t be. In everyone’s surroundings, including you and me, there are always all kinds of human beings, they are good or bad or good or evil, this is something they – you and I can not change. At our age, I’m afraid the only thing we have to do is to “keep to ourselves”! The “molestation” of things around leave it alone ……

You are very noble, which is common knowledge of your friends, but some people who are not open-minded may not understand this, different human nature, resulting in different views, perhaps what you despise, others will appreciate, perhaps others spit on, you will agree ……

I suddenly thought of a little story: a group of porcupines huddled together for warmth on a cold winter day, but their respective stings forced them to part at once. Even so, the instinct to keep out the cold made them try to huddle together again and again, and so on, they finally found the best distance between them – to get the maximum warmth with the lightest sting!

Rambling far away, but I have to add: close may not be friends, distant may not be friends! The real friend lies in your heart of that feeling!

Qi and Non-Phase

How is the original matter.

Never ask anyone more.

But knowing that ice is water.

Don’t ask the water to become ice.

–The Five Lantern Society

In an article, Yu Guangzhong said many people need to pass the quiet with noise when they are alone, because they are afraid to face themselves.

Silence is the origin of all wisdom, and an adventure for the brave. Watching the mind is like binding a tiger. When everything comes to silence, the soul is forced to talk to itself, which is a desperate situation that no ordinary mind can bear.

Shakyamuni enlightenment under the Bodhi tree for five days and five nights, Dharma face the wall for ten years, the ancient Qingshi people have a lot of heart to prove the move, although the realization of different, but are the experience of the mind, non-wisdom and courage, can not be deep into the land of tigers and wolves.

Just because the sun and the moon are impermanent and all things flow, often when people are pleased with themselves, God is attentive to help you undo the scene and replace it with a black hole, leaving a solitary shadow. In the midst of a wreckage, the helpless mind cannot be tidied up and chooses to convert to religion. Then religion took on the image of negative misanthropy in people’s minds.

But this is only a religion of escape, leaving hopelessness and bitterness behind on earth. Schopenhauer said, “After man has driven all pain and distress into hell, all that remains in heaven is weariness.” On the way of avoidance, yet often you can bump into yourself.

There is a story in Zhuangzi – The Fisherman’s Father: A certain fool was afraid of his own shadow and footprints, and ran more than once to get rid of them, and finally died of exhaustion. How is a shadow? “Not knowing where it comes from or where it goes, it blows involuntarily to the wind.” It is only a projection of the great world, and sometimes the shadow reunites with the form, only to find that the world is also originally unreal.

The extreme logic of doubt makes everything void, knowledge and morality become impossible, and all that is left is credulity and trickery, and the world is chaotic without answers.

How is liberation?

A monk of the Song Dynasty described the three stages of his enlightenment of Mahayana Buddhism by saying, “At first I saw mountains as mountains and water as water; the next time I saw mountains that were not mountains and water that was not water; the next time I saw mountains that were still mountains and water that was still water.” Seeing mountains is not mountains and water is not water refers to this stage of doubt, and finally seeing mountains, mountains and water is the true meaning of Mahayana return. At this point, there is a phase in the eyes, the mind is free from attachment, a thought follows a thought, the thought is constant, the thought is never forgotten, and the purity of life is realized in the spirit.

At this extreme level, the words of higher wisdom are connected. In the Taoist fable of Zhuangzi, there is a central emperor named Chaos, who treats the emperor of the South China Sea and the emperor of the North China Sea very kindly, and in order to repay Chaos for his kindness, he says, “Everyone has eyes, ears, mouth, nose, and mouth. Let’s try to open the seven orifices for him.” As a result, they chiseled out one orifice a day, and on the seventh day Chaos died.

How is the path? “Following the path of nature without knowing its so.” All things are one, and all things are born and die. There is no essential difference between “three in the morning and four in the evening” and “four in the evening and three in the evening”.

The world’s greatest treasure hidden in the box, may be stolen together with the box, if the world is hidden between the world, who can steal it?

It is precisely “a fling of two sleeves, a clear wind and a bright moon; a whistle to the sky, the mountains and rivers are at ease”. What religion brings us is actually a gorgeous way of life, away from the upside-down dream, open a pure land in the mud, point a petal of incense in the dust, and pray for life in the vast lonely night. Starry Dew is speechless, and finally returned Caesar’s to Caesar.

The growth of society, like that of human beings, winds up in the mind, accompanied by the hope of religion, along the way, perhaps without answers, perhaps without direction, but as a broken chapter of thought, it already exists.