Kuretsuchi’s resume

Twilight Thousand

Original name: TFT

Age: XX

Origin: Shifosi, Qiucheng, Handan County, Hebei

Major: Architecture

Recently Read: Computer Screen “Children’s Literature

Favorite Author: Li Ao

Self-perceived style: morbid, because it does not know what is normal, or there is no normal, morbid is absolute.

The old steed in the stable, the ambition is a thousand miles; martyr in the twilight, the heart is strong. Twilight, is a process. Thousand, is a scale. In the change from white to black, the barrel of the pen in your hand is the benchmark of your soul. Twilight, is a kind of death. Thousand, is a derivation. With the power of dying, one is born, one is born, two is born, three is born ……

There are four words on my computer screen, and they are: one, one, one, one, one. Write in more detail: one hand, one pair of eyes, one system, one new world. More detailed is: one hand, one eye, one system, one new world. This is the main line of my life. Eyes and hands are the most real, eyes are used to find the target, hands are used to grasp the target, with these two processes people will have completed a thing, otherwise, there is only empty, empty, empty…

“Be generous” also has this level of meaning, a little more real. Even if you have the last breath of energy left, you have to use it to reproduce. Don’t let something come to a screeching halt, just like your own footsteps to rush to class, never stop.