And a dream of current life

The “sexy photo door”, which should have been closed a long time ago, but in some people’s curiosity, there are signs of intensifying. A door, open, some people see is obscene, some see is bad, some see is youth, some see is high clean. Some people hate it, and even hate it to the bone, and some people love it, and even love it like crazy. I often hear that “the eyes are the windows to the soul”, I wonder what you see in front of your own window?

At first, seeing these, I also feel surprised, after all, these protagonists are often in front of our eyes stars, these people show in people are mostly well-dressed, fragrant ring around, as if, they are out of the sky, is not eaten by the world. But this time, they will show another side of themselves, but did not know that a pool of spring water was so stirred up a big wave.

In the past, also had a star, but I am absolutely sensible, I will not for him (her) they scrimp and save, will not for them to think about, I think like youthful bright is everyone’s preference, not to mention that some stars struggling history can indeed warn the world: want to succeed, we have to pay a firm belief, eat the bitterness, only for the people. I will listen to their songs, and I will sing along with the song imagining their past, the emotions will also shed tears; I will watch their movies, with the joy and sorrow of the characters in the drama, they will also be immersed in it, completely out of control, which is not their own control; I will also watch entertainment news, pay attention to the movement of the stars, it seems that their running is also connected to my nerves.

Everyone has a youth, who have some loneliness difficult to solve, who have no way to tell the heart of the suffering, who have so much helplessness and helplessness.

I don’t know what kind of intentions are in the minds of those who catch others’ mistakes, don’t you miss them? I don’t know what kind of answer you want from the media, or is it driven by profit and directed by theft of the heart? I do not know those so-called moralists, full of benevolence and morality, but I do not know, before a set of people, but behind the scenes do not know how to do the deed? Everyone has their own code of action, everyone has their own way of behaving, if all the same, if neat and tidy, or it does not reflect your noble.

It is often said: men are not bad, women do not love. If according to such standards, Guanxi get women’s love, it is only right. A solid family background, star aura, handsome appearance, and a bad smile, such a person may be a woman’s heart Prince Charming. Otherwise, such as Cecilia, such as Xin Tong and other female stars, what kind of men have not seen, why would prefer to Guanxi? As the saying goes: flies do not bite seamless eggs. Even if the crown is bad again, if those actresses are respectful and far away, I’m afraid there will not be so overwhelming media tracking, there will not be all kinds of associations, all kinds of speculation occurred.

Some people once said that in this incident, the most hurt is Nicholas Tse, I do not necessarily see, after experiencing such things, I think, the harm suffered by the crown may be no one understands. The previous brothers, now become enemies, the previous scenery, now become a cloud of smoke, the previous those flirtatious past, perhaps now become a tear of remorse. No matter how bumpy the road ahead, no matter how fearful people are, I think the bearer of the bearer, the closing of the closing, a matter that can not become a permanent serial, a person, not all of our lives. If a tolerant heart, with an attitude of forgiveness, can not turn hatred into tolerance, hostility into peace?

Should not be in the youth, take some detours, but already so, only to change, should not be sprinkled with salt on the wounds of others, but already sprinkled, it is time to examine themselves, the next not be an example.

When I open the computer again, again see the web page, I really do not know, in front of the computer screen of the face, will have what kind of hideous state; when I write such words, I even imagine that the people who see, will put forward what kind of attack on my speech, how the verdict, I feel indifferent, I just with an undying heart, a generous heart, a tolerant heart, write my own heart what I think.

Today is April Fool’s Day, if these things happen in April Fool’s Day how good, just as a joke, just as a joke, past, nothing has left, between people, still like this beautiful spring, with the gentle rain, wind harmony, with the sun’s bright, and the news of flowing water.

And the current dream of a life, after waking up, no more sex, no more wine into the sadness.

[Author: Xiaoyu Xiang