Qi and Non-Phase

How is the original matter.

Never ask anyone more.

But knowing that ice is water.

Don’t ask the water to become ice.

–The Five Lantern Society

In an article, Yu Guangzhong said many people need to pass the quiet with noise when they are alone, because they are afraid to face themselves.

Silence is the origin of all wisdom, and an adventure for the brave. Watching the mind is like binding a tiger. When everything comes to silence, the soul is forced to talk to itself, which is a desperate situation that no ordinary mind can bear.

Shakyamuni enlightenment under the Bodhi tree for five days and five nights, Dharma face the wall for ten years, the ancient Qingshi people have a lot of heart to prove the move, although the realization of different, but are the experience of the mind, non-wisdom and courage, can not be deep into the land of tigers and wolves.

Just because the sun and the moon are impermanent and all things flow, often when people are pleased with themselves, God is attentive to help you undo the scene and replace it with a black hole, leaving a solitary shadow. In the midst of a wreckage, the helpless mind cannot be tidied up and chooses to convert to religion. Then religion took on the image of negative misanthropy in people’s minds.

But this is only a religion of escape, leaving hopelessness and bitterness behind on earth. Schopenhauer said, “After man has driven all pain and distress into hell, all that remains in heaven is weariness.” On the way of avoidance, yet often you can bump into yourself.

There is a story in Zhuangzi – The Fisherman’s Father: A certain fool was afraid of his own shadow and footprints, and ran more than once to get rid of them, and finally died of exhaustion. How is a shadow? “Not knowing where it comes from or where it goes, it blows involuntarily to the wind.” It is only a projection of the great world, and sometimes the shadow reunites with the form, only to find that the world is also originally unreal.

The extreme logic of doubt makes everything void, knowledge and morality become impossible, and all that is left is credulity and trickery, and the world is chaotic without answers.

How is liberation?

A monk of the Song Dynasty described the three stages of his enlightenment of Mahayana Buddhism by saying, “At first I saw mountains as mountains and water as water; the next time I saw mountains that were not mountains and water that was not water; the next time I saw mountains that were still mountains and water that was still water.” Seeing mountains is not mountains and water is not water refers to this stage of doubt, and finally seeing mountains, mountains and water is the true meaning of Mahayana return. At this point, there is a phase in the eyes, the mind is free from attachment, a thought follows a thought, the thought is constant, the thought is never forgotten, and the purity of life is realized in the spirit.

At this extreme level, the words of higher wisdom are connected. In the Taoist fable of Zhuangzi, there is a central emperor named Chaos, who treats the emperor of the South China Sea and the emperor of the North China Sea very kindly, and in order to repay Chaos for his kindness, he says, “Everyone has eyes, ears, mouth, nose, and mouth. Let’s try to open the seven orifices for him.” As a result, they chiseled out one orifice a day, and on the seventh day Chaos died.

How is the path? “Following the path of nature without knowing its so.” All things are one, and all things are born and die. There is no essential difference between “three in the morning and four in the evening” and “four in the evening and three in the evening”.

The world’s greatest treasure hidden in the box, may be stolen together with the box, if the world is hidden between the world, who can steal it?

It is precisely “a fling of two sleeves, a clear wind and a bright moon; a whistle to the sky, the mountains and rivers are at ease”. What religion brings us is actually a gorgeous way of life, away from the upside-down dream, open a pure land in the mud, point a petal of incense in the dust, and pray for life in the vast lonely night. Starry Dew is speechless, and finally returned Caesar’s to Caesar.

The growth of society, like that of human beings, winds up in the mind, accompanied by the hope of religion, along the way, perhaps without answers, perhaps without direction, but as a broken chapter of thought, it already exists.